International Documents

2017_UNHCR_Turkey Resettlement Update September_ENG

2017_UNHCR_Turkey Fact Sheet October_ENG

2017_UNHCR_Syrian Refugees – FAQ_ENG

2017_TURKEY 3RP_Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan 2017-2018_ENG

2017_EU_Turkey Syrian Crisis_ENG

2017_3RP_Regional Strategic Overview 2017-2018_ENG

2017_3RP_Progress Report-17102017 final_ENG

2016_WFP_Food Security Off Camp Syrian Refugees in Turkey April_ENG

2016_UNHCR_Report Global Refugee Youth Consultation_ENG

2016_DRC_Middle East Regional Migration Trends August September_ENG

2015_WorldBank_Impact Syrian Refugees Turkey Labor Market_ENG

2015_UNICEF_Save Small Hands Heavy Burden Child Labour Syria Crisis_ENG

2015_TRC_CC_Needs Assessment Report July_ENG

2015_Global Trends Forced Displacement_ENG

2013_Kamer_Syrian Refugees Report_ENG

1989_Convention On The Rights of the Child_ENG

1954-UNHCR_Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons_ENG

1950_Council Of Europe European Convention on Human Rights_ENG