Frequently Asked Questions About the Social Adaptation Aid (SUY) Program WFP Turkey

What is the SUY Program?

The SUY Program, initiated across Turkey on 28 November 2016, plans to reach more than 1 million asylum seekers in need, living in Turkey. It is a cash assistance program which offers different options to beneficiaries for them to meet their basic needs including food, fuel, rent and bills.

Which organizations are involved in implementation of the SUY Program?

The SUY Program reflects the power of partnership, it is implemented in cooperation between the World Food Program (WFP), the Turkish Red Crescent and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. The Presidency of Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) is in charge of the general coordination of the program.

Who funds the SUY Program?

To begin with the SUY Program is financed with a 348 million Euro contribution by the European Union and member states.

What distinguishes the SUY Program from other humanitarian programs?

Applications and assessments within the scope of the SUY Program, executed in connection with the already available national social aid programs, are in line with the government’s procedures. Applicants are asked some questions and their records are examined to reach those who need our help. The program covers the entire country and intends to reach 1 million people with this multi purpose cash assistance which families can use to meet their basic needs. The SUY Program is based on the hospitality and generosity of the Turkish people and government. The program aims to ensure social harmonization and having a positive impact on local people through contributions of refugees to the local economy with their expenditures.

Why cash?

Cash gives people a choice and gives them a sense of normality; it also empowers families by allowing them to manage their own priorities in meeting their basic needs. People can buy what they need when they need it with cash assistance. Cash assistance is cost effective and this system suits Turkey, as it has a powerful market and financial infrastructure.

Who can apply?

Registered foreigners living in Turkey within the scope of the International Protection Law and under Temporary Protection can apply to SUY. The program will determine the most vulnerable families such as crowded families, elderly and disabled people. Families provided for by women will have priority. Those who work with a valid work permit or who have properties in Turkey are not eligible.

How and where to apply?

The SUY Program application form can be obtained from and delivered to the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation (SYDV) operating under the Ministry of Family and Social Policies OR Turkish Red Crescent service centers across the country. You can call 168 Red Crescent Call Center free for information about the nearest SYDV office or the Red Crescent service center.

How long is the evaluation period after application?

The evaluation period is about 4 weeks after of the application has been received. Applicants will be informed with an SMS whether they are eligible or not.

How much is the SUY Program aid?

Every eligible family will be given a Kızılaykart. 100 TL (28 euro) per family member will be loaded onto this card the first week of every month. This amount is sufficient to meet some of the basic needs of families and will help families reach stability, pay their rent and buy food.

How to use the SUY card?

The card can be used to pay at any store or to draw money from any ATM. The card delivered within the scope of the SUY Program will give freedom to families in their expenditures including clothing, rent and others.

How long will the program last?

Eligible families will continue to get aid as long as it is confirmed that they are in need. The available funds will last until the end of May 2017. Moreover, the program is expected to last until the end of 2018.

Are the families who already have a Kızılaykart eligible for the SUY Program?

Families who live outside camps and already receive aid with the Kızılaykart can apply to the SUY Program. However, it is not possible to receive aid from both programs at the same time.

What about families living in camps?

Families living in camps are not eligible for the SUY Program currently. Within the scope of its agreement with AFAD, WFP intends to continue supporting families living in camps with Kızılaykart and calls for the generous support of donors to finance this aid.

How will the responsibility be met for communities affected by the crisis?

The SUY Program will meet its responsibility to the communities affected by the crisis to transparently inform communities about the program, to consult beneficiaries in various stages of the program to inform them about the developments in the program (women, men, children, elderly, disabled and other vulnerable people), and to establish official and comprehensive complaint and feedback mechanisms to obtain information from the communities and to allow for suitable feedback to certain complaints. The free Red Crescent Call Center will operate as an information network for referrals with regard to questions, complaints, applications and protection of asylum seekers etc.

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