About Us

The Anatolian Refugee Association was established in 2017 by an activity group, the members of which have at least 15 years of professional experience in civil society and education in their respective professions such as Sociologist, International Relationships Specialist, Economist, Communication Specialist, Development Specialist, Agricultural Engineer etc.

Our founding members have taken an active part in important, large scale, national and international projects in their fields of specialty. They include Amnesty International, the United Nations, UNICED, UNHCR, GIZ, BPRM, the European Union, ECHO, SHCEK, Organized Industrial Zones – Clustering, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security projects.

Our founding members and administrative board have a vast background and experience in refugee rights, civil society, advocacy, protection programs, cash based assistance and cash card projects, winter assistance, emergency projects, shelter and hygiene-personal care (Sanitation and Shelter), special needs projects – case management, children’s rights, preventing child labor, struggle with early marriage, entrepreneurship, micro finance, local administration, rural development, regional development, life long learning, professional and technical training, livestock, organic agriculture, SMEs, NGOs’ access to national and international funds, project cycle management (PCM).


Communication and Media Literacy July 2017
Project Cycle Management Training July 2017
Internationalization Orientation Workshop October 2016
Management Factors Training July 2016
Workplace Harassment Training May 2016
Sensitivity Training November 2015
People’s Areas April 2014
Project Management and Funds November 2013
International Marketing and Commercial Intelligence October 2012
Project Cycle Management March 2012
Internalization of Minority Youth – Struggle With Poverty and Social Exclusion March 2011
Power of Social Entrepreneurship February 2011
Project Writing Training July 2011
Procurement and Procurement Processes Training May 2010
Competence Based Modular Training Program Preparation April 2010
Modern Sales Techniques April 2010
Efficiency Management March 2010
Today’s Marketing and Marketing Strategies Training March 2010
SPSS and MINITAB Statistic Package Program Training December 2009
Work Plan Preparation Training November 2009
SME Analysis and Strategy Development October 2009
Seminar on Main Skills Expected from International Labor Force August 2009
Training on Obtaining Labor Force from Employer – Netherlands Turkey İŞKUR Project May 2009
Marketing and Sales Training May 2009
Job and Profession Consultancy Training April 2009
Agricultural Extension and Consultancy (90 hours) November 2008
Child Labor Information System October 2008
Communication Skills and Empathy April 2008
Field Study Coordinator Training October 2008
Financial Management Training June 2007
Effective Communication and Body Language December 2006
ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Training (16 hours) November 2006
Child Labor Orientation Training April 2006
Hazard Analyses and Critical Control Points HACCP (24 hours) April 2006
Project Cycle Management Training November 2005
Basic First Aid Training (16 hours) September 2005
Time and Stress Management Training June 2005